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Ashli is an uncompromising songwriter with the expert calibre of a trained vocalist. Raised in New Jersey and Western Sydney, Ashli makes R&B and pop with real purpose, telling stories that can’t help but be relatable. Where others try to stand out, Ashli seeks unity with her audience and peers, bringing people together by engaging with them on our real, shared human experiences.

That “coming-of-age” concept is paramount to the music Ashli makes, but it’s malleable in its approach. Everyone is always “coming-of-age”, and her complex harmonies, lush vocals, and focused songwriting contextualises these moments.

Last year saw the release of Ashli’s debut EP, Only One, expanding her artistic world alongside a headline show at Phoenix Central Park. Nominated for ‘Next Big Thing’ at the FBi SMAC Awards, Ashli also saw support from 10 Magazine, Acclaim, VICE, NME, and more, as well as extensive playlisting across radio and streaming platforms. Ashli’s inevitable rise continued as SXSW in Austin marked her return to the US, followed by a sold out headline show for Vivid at the Sydney Opera House.

Ashli’s emergence on the national music landscape is no accident, following successful mentorship programs with Sampa the Great and Gretta Ray, all while keeping company with like minded Western Sydney artists. Slick production and stunning vocals support Ashli’s pen in all the ways it needs to be: her music is coming to life.

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