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Few Australian artists had the breakthrough during 2020 that ASHWARYA did.

Her music is an innovative brand of pop music, delivered potent and invigorated. Emerging at a time when music fans were hungry for something fresh and illuminating, ASHWARYA’s output became the perfect antidote. A necessary remedy for those listeners who were languishing, those who wanted music to reignite a spark of excitement within them once again.

Completely independent, ASHWARYA made quick work in establishing herself as a nationally and internationally acknowledged artist.

Releasing her debut EP NOCTURNAL HOURS in 2021, ASHWARYA received widespread acclaim from Australian outlets including triple j and Triple J Unearthed, Acclaim, Sniffers, Purple Sneakers and more.

The arrival of ASHWARYA, seemingly out of nowhere, was an injection of chaos to the Australian pop-fusion landscape.

But as a new artistic chapter awaits, it’s become clear that ASHWARYA has never been one to rest on her laurels. The work continues, and the fruit it's about to bear is ASHWARYA’s best yet.

2023 sees the release of ASHWARYA’s dynamic sophomore EP, WHY IT’S GOTTA HURT.

Led by the hypnotic and effortlessly striking track ‘UP IN MY HEAD’, ASHWARYA presents the truest representation of self and drive with this project – it is an ethos that permeates the entire EP.

Accompanied by the official music video, which completely encapsulates ASHWARYA’s core vision for the project, ‘UP IN MY HEAD’ in particular, is in a way, the centrepiece of the entire EP project.

“I used to think that I was a perfectionist, but I don't think that’s the case. I just want to ensure that it’s an exact representation of me,” she says.

“With this EP, I’ve tried to create a bit of a world and a story; I’ve tried to ensure that I’m actually saying something that’s coming from a place where I”m not just saying something for the sake of saying it.”

Building a community of like-minded creatives around her; the foundation of the EP is one that has been reinforced by a collective love for boundary-pushing ideas, and disruption of the norm.

The strength of ASHWARYA’s music and her creative vision that extends beyond the music, through to her epic live shows and striking visual aesthetic, has brought rightful international attention.

Along with the national momentum built off the back of NOCTURNAL HOURS and recent singles like ‘BEST FRIEND’ and ‘CAN’T RELATE’, prolific titles including VOGUE India, HypeBeast, PAPER, COMPLEX UK, Wonderland and The Guardian have all staked a claim in being part of the ASHWARYA story.

In 2022, ASHWARYA was handpicked to support global superstar Dua Lipa at her exclusive show at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre. Her music has been synced by key Netflix and HBO MAX entities including Heartbreak High and Gossip Girl, as well as featured in prime campaigns for TikTok Australia, Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

Championing her art and moreover, the unshakably individual pathway she is taking to create and execute it, the global spotlight only grows brighter for ASHWARYA.

And with WHY IT’S GOTTA HURT, we see a direct representation of the type of artist ASHWARYA has always known she’s had the capability to be.

A fitting phase of evolution from her NOCTURNAL HOURS era, this record sees ASHWARYA step further into her own power as a visionary and curator.

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