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ASIA7 is an Asian Fusion-Pop band mastering its music with a clear, sweet voice of the vocalist blended with the sounds of Thai folk instruments such as a Thai fiddle, a lute,
a bamboo mouth organ, and other contemporary instruments.

The band originated with the persuasion of Tontrakul and friends from Mahidol University in 2013 with the determination to bring novelty to the music industry in Thailand. The main ingredients are Thai fiddles and Isan instruments with electronic embellishments and jazz arrangements. After a long infancy as an ad hoc band that occasionally performed, ASIA7 officially debuted in 2016 at the Thailand International Jazz Conference.

In 2017, ASIA7 was selected to perform at the ACC World Music Festival in Gwangju, South Korea, followed by two and a half years of touring throughout countries such as India, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Laos, and Malaysia. This extensive touring has strengthened ASIA7 to grow both in their work and their identity.

ASIA7 constantly collaborates with Thai and foreign artists. This can be challenging but the resulting work attests to the miracle of music that can break through the borders between languages and cultures. But can communicate well. By artists that have collaborated, such as Banyen Rakkaen (Thailand), Thanis Sriklindee (Thailand), Rasmee Wayrana (Thailand), Haruka Kawahigashi (Japan), A Band Once (Brunei Darussalam), Shadow and Light (India) and Nadir (Malaysia).

During 2020, ASIA7 refrained from performing and entered GMM Audition for new artists to join music companies under GMM Grammy affiliation. This audition ended ASIA7’s independent artist status and the band has since been a part of GeneLab Records, and the album "?????????? (The Seeker)" is released in 2022, containing the singles: Intro, The Seeker, If You..., Fade Away, Unforgettable, Oneirophobia, Yearning, Hide and Seek, and Lullaby.

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