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Gritty, dance-able and fearless, innovative pop duo Foley have arrived as fully formed contenders on the world stage.

Multi-instrumentalist team of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett galvanize with their forward-thinking sound. A singular organism in duo form, their boundary pushing formula bears all the gleaming hooks, infectious rhythm patterns and deft arrangements required for success.

A fierce energy between the writers and a powerful understanding of the pop form ensures only elements that advance groove and bolster melody are employed. Their lyrical themes explore complex facets of the human condition, love and loss and the importance of togetherness.

Expanding to a four-piece for live appearances, the extra thrill of taking chances adds to their dynamics, “we’re performers at heart, it doesn’t feel right to be playing with only a perfectly timed backing track.” Says Wallace, “If we’re on the edge of our seats then the audience will be too…elements they haven’t heard are flying at them all the time and it could all collapse in a second - but it doesn’t”. This reinterpretation is “so much more alive and evolving,” bringing extra grit and texture to live versions of their inventive pop.

Adding inspiration from forward-thinking contemporaries like Caroline Polacheck, Charli XCX, and Remi Wolf who tow the line between pop and alternative music in an unpredictable way, Foley are emboldened by modern pop acts who haven’t given into a “mold for the masses”.

The duo have sustained widespread radio love since their debut, landed high-profile festival appearances, received award nominations, and a contract for new projects via global label Nettwerk. Aside from their own headline tours, they’ve opened for the likes of Remi Wolf, Tove Lo, Still Woozy, Two Door Cinema Club and more. This all speaks to the powerhouse the act has become in a relatively short space of time.

Foley ultimately seek to bring souls together. The pair share the same philosophy and simple mantra for everything that they do, it is, “to make people feel like they are part of something, regardless of if that thing is huge or tiny, music is about community and coming together.”

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