Amidst Malaysia's music industry grappled with declining sales, uninspired sounds, and disconnect in the early 2000s, NOH (vocals/ guitar), AG COCO (lead guitar), IZZAT (bass) and AMBOBZEELA (drums) embraced the simple ways of doing music - crafting pop hits, touring, and leveraging the rise of social media – a pioneering move for a small band like theirs at that time.

Originating in 2005 on Myspace after the band's frontman released some of his demos there, Hujan officially formed in 2006, crafting their debut EP, "1, 2, 3, Go!". Like their name HUJAN (which means 'rain' in English), their music alternates between light, heavy and torrential storms, a reflection of the many stories, moods and agendas conveyed in their songs. They swiftly gained local fame through word-of-mouth and pre-release bootlegs, marking a new era of an independent music scene in Malaysia. Hujan's journey catalyzed the Malaysian music scene, evidenced by their indie wave leadership. They have garnered a loyal fanbase, known as the "Raingers".

Among the highlights include, winning the Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song awards at the 16th Anugerah Industri Muzik (Malaysia’s very own Grammy) in 2009, they were announced as the winner of VERSUS, a show that pits five if the country’s top bands in weekly challenge to see who will outdo each other in a musical battle to win the final grand prize of RM 200,000 in front of more than 2 million viewers. In 2013, HUJAN was invited to performs at the most prestigious hall in Malaysia, the Petronas Philharmonic Hall. Not only did they managed to sell out the hall, they were also the first band ever to perform on the elite stage.

Awards aside, the sweetest milestone would definitely be that fact that HUJAN has proven that, despite the language barrier, their music has a universal appeal and have brought them to prestigious venues in Indonesia, Singapore, Ireland, Britain, Australia and France.

After nine studio albums, multiple local and international tours, concerts and festivals series, Hujan has managed to transform the landscape of Malaysia’s music industry in their own way.

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