Isaac Puerile

Hip-Hop/Rap,Indie Pop | Australia



Hailing from the bustling City of Blacktown, which sits right in the heartland of Western Sydney, artist and producer Isaac Puerile (pronounced Pew-rile) has long been a pioneer in his own right within the Australian rap scene. Having grown up within the West Sydney hip-hop heartland that has birthed many of Australia’s leading rap pioneers, Isaac has continually set himself apart as a multidimensional artist notable for cultivating his own authentic sound.
With his beats and bars crafted right out of his bedroom studio, Isaac is unconstrained by genre limitations. His latest EP ‘i hate you too’ – a follow-up to his debut album ‘I Hate You, I Hate You, I Fucking Hate You’ – forgoes the obvious next steps from an artist of his ilk by instead meshing elements of rap, pop, UK garage and his own distinctly raw approach to music-making, proving assuredly that he is unlike any other. The release marks a transition from the nihilism, self-destructive behaviour and unpolished musicality of his earlier work to a cathartic, refined hopefulness that has come from discovering his self-worth.
His nonchalance about his own evolutionary impact on the Australian scene – having been essential in leading the wave of SoundCloud rap and trap within Australia – sees him now fearlessly merging into an even blurrier musical lane, a factor which is reflective of the sincerity behind his work. The self-taught (and largely self-raised) Isaac has consistently stood out for his genuineness and brazenness when speaking on the realities of his rough upbringing, and of the anxiety and depression that he had to navigate from it. From the carefree youthfulness of ‘2012’ which depicts his younger years, to the rap bravado of ‘Lightwork’, to fully embracing who he is on ‘i hate you too’, Isaac’s unapologetic honesty and legitimacy gives listeners a reason to invest in his journey. Peurile ended 2022 on a high with "SODA", an infectious, jersey-club-infused single that saw him land at the top of cult online publication Dog Scraps 'Best Of Australian Rap 2022" list and earn a prestigious slot as an Acclaim All-Star 2023.

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