Nadin Amizah



Spending her teenage years feeling isolated from the outside world, Nadin Amizah began her song-writing journey before her 17th birthday. What started as her way of putting whatever her feelings are into good use, Nadin continues singing and taking little but sure steps into the magical musical world, making friends and new stories to unfold. Nadin writes only what she feels. She will lay whatever feels like a knot on her chest or throat down on a paper or notes, carefully choosing words to describe the unsaid. She often writes about her rampant journey on finding the true meaning of the word love, divorces she had witnessed throughout her entire short-lived life, her dreams, her imaginations, her mother, her family, and all the people who has touched souls with her along her way. Nadin gifts her surroundings with raw and unfiltered emotions. Making them who crave for their voices to be sung feel attracted to her, as they feel represented.

With her lyrics, Nadin wished to be known as the little girl who sings an old man poem, ripe before time, and mature in her own way.

Debuted with her song ‘Rumpang’, she later surprised her listeners with a self-written and collectively-produced album titled ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun’ released exactly on her 20th birthday. With 10 songs in which she storytells about her confusing teenage years and her mixed feelings about growing up and outgrowing everything.

Nadin will continue telling her story to those who listens carefully.

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