The Tiarras

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Meet The Tiarras: Tori, Sophia, and Tiffany Baltierra, a dynamic trio of multi-faceted artists who effortlessly blend genres and cultural influences to create global music that knows no boundaries. Sisters turned bandmates, The Tiarras have embarked on a journey that defies conventions and embraces sonic exploration.
Hailing from a Mexican-American heritage, The Tiarras draw from the rich tapestry of musical diversity that surrounded their upbringing. Their vibrant compositions seamlessly weave together elements of rock, Latin, pop, soul, reggae, and blues, resulting in an eclectic yet refined sound that challenges the very notion of genre.
Fuelled by a passion for community and inclusivity, The Tiarras' music is a conduit for spreading positive energy and empowering messages. Their tracks, like "Soy Chingona" and "Let Love Free," resonate far and wide, gaining recognition on prestigious platforms including NPR World Cafe, Mitú, Grimy Goods, and Latin Alt. Radio. These impactful tunes have also found a home within campaigns for Rock the Vote, Jolt, and Voto Latino, solidifying The Tiarras' role in advocating social advancement and equality.

Looking ahead to a future brimming with promise, The Tiarras are committed to releasing more original music that defies expectations and embraces their global influences. Their journey is one of breaking boundaries, sparking positive change, and leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

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