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Classically trained vocalist, pianist, producer, singer songwriter and DJ, Trophie uses hyperreal imagery and futuristic instrumentation to warp and reimagine her reality. Whilst maintaining sleek pop sensibilities, her cross-genre style is a unique form of experimental pop that sees her stand singular amongst the crowd. Described as ‘a diamond that seems to shine more with every release’ (Enfnts Terrible) and praised for her ‘boundary breaking experimentation’ (Dazed Magazine), Trophie is passionate about promoting Australia as a cutting edge hub for innovative new music as well as utilising her music to aid in the mental well-being of her audience.

Career Highlights:

-Premier with PaperMag for single 1 of ‘Dark City’ album
-Offered the opportunity to support the International headline act UMRU at HYDE PARK HI FEST 2023 in Boorloo (Perth) March 18th 2023
-Continuous support from International publications ‘Paper Mag’, ‘Dazed’, ‘Notion’, Enfnts Terrible’, Kalbalt’ etc (combined monthly traffic>5million)
-1.7M+ plays on “Fantasy” single
-Increased Spotify track save rate to 26% (19% above 7% benchmark)
-Increased fan engagement on socials by 4000%
-30% increase in Spotify monthly listeners
-42% increase in Spotify fan conversion rate
-Interview feature in Notion,Wonderland+Kaltblut mags (combined monthly traffic>5million)
-Trophie’s 3 top listening cities based in Australia
-Added to over 13.3k fan playlists
-Performed at sold out SideChains showcase
-Signed with highly prestigious booking agency‘Proxy’
-Praised on PC Music Reddit Community Page- >6k followers
-Securing booking agent deal with biggest Australian booking agent for experimental pop ‘Proxy Agency’
-Selected as FBI ‘Independent artist of the week’ with continuous rotation of ‘Dark City’ singles
-Multiple ‘Dark City’ singles featured on Triple J’s ‘New Music Hit List’

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Trophie has had an incredibly successful 2023 showcasing at DARK MOFO, supporting UMRU and Petal Supply in Perth, showcasing at BIGSOUND and playing mulitple shows in Melbourne and Sydney. Her focus for 2024 is international as she is aiming to play Great Escape, Reeperbahn and WAVES as well as Glockenflapp festival in 2024. Trophie is signed with PROXY Agency in Australia but seeks to expand her International team and seek an International label.

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