Submissions Open

09:00AM AEDT Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Submissions Close

11:59PM AEDT Sunday, 14 May 2023

Showcasing at SXSW Sydney 2023

The inaugural SXSW Sydney Music Festival will take place from 18-21 October 2023. Showcasing at SXSW Sydney means playing in one of Sydney’s many central live music venues for industry reps, media members, and thousands of fans and fellow musicians from all over the world.

Music Festival showcase submissions are open to:

  • All music genres

  • Artists from around the world

  • Signed and unsigned artists

  • Solo artists and musical groups

  • Emerging and established artists

The final deadline to apply is Sunday 14 May 2023 at 11:59PM AEDT. Learn more about eligibility and important deadlines below.

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Important information:

  • One official SXSW Sydney showcase performance is guaranteed per invited act

  • Showcase slots run an average of 40 minutes (some exceptions may apply)

  • Showcases will take place between 18-21 October 2023

  • SXSW Sydney does not cover visa, travel and accommodation expenses

Within 24 hours of submitting a Music Festival showcase submission, you will receive a confirmation email from SXSW Sydney saying that we have received it. If you do not receive this notification within 24 hours, please follow up by emailing to ensure your submission has been received and is under consideration.

SXSW Sydney will review your submission and you will be notified of your invitation status on or before 1 Sept 2023.

“SXSW is a milestone for any artist and essential for music industry professions seeking to expand networks and enhance their careers. SXSW Sydney will replicate that: expect to make meaningful connections, access career-defining opportunities and experience “I was there” moments at every turn.”Claire Collins, SXSW Sydney Head of Music


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