October 18, 2023

Catch Select SXSW Sydney Gigs For $25 – Here’s How

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Image: Flyana Boss | Brendon Thorne


Keen to witness more than 300 artists from around the globe? Well, SXSW Sydney Music Festival, proudly sponsored by local legends Young Henrys, is the best way to do it. 


With showcases taking place across some of Sydney’s best live music venues such as the Chippo Hotel, UTS Underground and Hollywood Hotel, to intimate gigs at the likes of Knox Street Bar or Sneaky Possum, SXSW Sydney Music Festival is best experienced by exploring the full line-up from October 18 – 21 with a badge or wristband


However, if you can’t join us over a number of days, we’ve got you covered. A select number of single-entry cover charges are being made available for purchase at the door of select Music Festival venues when there is space, on a first come first serve basis.


Where can I get them? At the door of SXSW Sydney music venues


How much is it? $25


Anything else?  Once you’ve paid the $25 cover change and are in the venue, you can party until the venue closes. This means you can see as many artists as you like in that particular venue, on that particular day. Please note, that there are no pass-outs for music venue cover charges.  


Cover charge is not available for American Express x Universal Music House at Barney’s Church and Spotify House at the Lansdowne Hotel.


Priority access to all SXSW Sydney Music Festival showcases will work as follows:  

  • Platinum and Music badge holders will enter venues first 
  • They’ll be followed by Tech, Games or Screen badge holders + Music Festival wristband holders
  • If there is still capacity, Music Venue cover charges will commence


It’s not possible to buy music venue cover charges online, they’re only available on the door at music venues. 

Head to https://schedule.sxswsydney.com/  and download our app to check out who is playing, when, and where. We hope to see you on the dance floor!


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