August 21, 2023

SXSW Sydney Wristbands Are Available This Friday, So Here’s The Ins and Outs

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The days are getting longer and the nights are getting a bit warmer, which means SXSW Sydney is right around the corner. 


It will be the first time that the iconic SXSW will break its borders and land in Australia and it’s going to be huge: descending on the city across the week of October 15 to 22, offering a wide variety of programming for lovers of Music, Screen, Games, Tech & Innovation. 


Today, SXSW Sydney is very excited to announce that SXSW Sydney festival wristbands and our Tech & Innovation Expo day pass will be available this Friday, August 25th. The SXSW Sydney ‘badges’ have been on sale for a few months and now it’s time for the festival wristbands, which offer different levels of access and value depending on what you want to get out of the event. 


So let’s get stuck into the nuts and bolts of SXSW Sydney festival wristbands so you can make the right choice! 


So, What’s The Difference Between a wristband and a badge? 


A wristband is an awesome way to celebrate the future of games, music and screen, allowing you to enjoy all that each of our festivals have to offer. 


On the other hand, think of the SXSW Sydney Badges like ‘master keys’ – they’ll allow you access to everything: all the festivals and parties,  the Conference, mentor sessions, workshops, networking events and more. 


If a badge isn’t quite right for you but you still want to make the most of all things new and emerging in your respective industry, a wristband could be just what you’re after.


So what do they include? Glad you asked! 


Games Wristband 


If you purchase a Games Wristband, an expansive realm of gaming experiences awaits across an array of venues in the SXSW Sydney event precinct, including the flagship games site Fortress Sydney. You’ll get access to a huge variety of experiences within the SXSW Sydney Games Festival – including live playthroughs, product launches, performances, screenings, hands-on demos, parties and so much more. 

There’ll be the Games Showcase, where you can discover and play content from more than 150 developers from around the world, and the Tabletop Festival at the ICC, which will bring together the best of traditional, RPG, and card games. You’ll also gain entry to the XR Showcase, charity marathon stream, and the Games Awards hosted by local comedian and muso Tom Cardy. If you’re keen to learn more about what’s on offer, you can dig into all the details by heading here

You can enjoy the next generation of creators and developers at SXSW Sydney Games Festival for five days and nights from October 18 to 22.

The early bird price for a SXSW Sydney Games Wristband is $165. 


Music Wristband 


A Music Wristband will get you access to more than 300 artist performances throughout the Music Festival, taking place at 25 iconic venues around Sydney including the Lansdowne and Hotel Hollywood. 


This week we’ve added even more rising talent to our line up including homegrown heroes like The Terrys, These New South Wales, Cody Jon and Aodhan. They join international rising stars Feby Putri, Adhitia Sofyan, Ardhito Pramon and Fiersa Besari, all from Indonesia, Automatic from USA, Theodor Black from the UK as well as a few Kiwi neighbours like Daffodils, Foley and Will Swinton. You can check out our ever-growing Music Festival lineup here


The Music Festival will happen over four days during SXSW Sydney, bringing the best emerging and established acts to the stage. It’s your opportunity to uncover the Next Big Thing. 


The early bird price for a SXSW Sydney Music Wristband is $280. 


Screen Wristband 


By purchasing a Screen Wristband you’ll get unlimited access to all the exclusive red carpet premieres – including the wildly anticipated Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles – and screenings that take place throughout the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival, as well as the XR Showcase. 


The Screen Festival will stretch across the event precinct, taking over venues such as the ICC’s Darling Theatre and Palace Cinemas Central. It will showcase a wide variety of Screen content including features, music videos, TV premieres and more, including First Nations Screen Festival programming by Pauline Clague, Founder of Winda Film Festival. With a Screen Wristband, you’ll also get access to the XR Showcase. 

Immerse yourself in unlimited screenings over seven days and nights, from October 15 to 21, at the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival. You can head here for the full rundown of all things screen that will be on offer. 

The early bird price for a SXSW Sydney Screen Wristband is $240. 


But Wait, There’s More: Introducing Tech & Innovation Expo Day Passes 


The SXSW Sydney Tech & Innovation Expo is your chance to glimpse the future and get acquainted with the ideas, products, businesses, and creatives that are changing the way we live. You’ll be able to throw yourself into immersive experiences like product demonstrations, interactive installations, meet-and-greets, and so much more, all within the vibrant hub of Sydney’s ICC.

Expect to see the likes of tech trailblazers such as Qantas, where you can step into their new innovative designs, with the Sunrise Cabin First and Business Class rigs set to feature at the SXSW Sydney 2023 Expo.


Sounds pretty good right? Well, there’s an easy way to see all this, and that’s to grab an Expo Pass. You can buy an Expo Pass on the day of your choice for just $35. 


Catch a glimpse of the future and attend the Tech & Innovation Expo on the day of your choice from October 18 – 21. 


Just Remember! 


SXSW Sydney Wristbands will grant you incredible access across the Games, Music, and Screen Festivals – at a very affordable price. 


A SXSW Sydney Badge will give you entry to everything we’ve listed above, as well as the SXSW Sydney Conference – which includes all the keynotes, panels, featured sessions, presentations, and workshops. A Badge will also get you into mentor sessions, meet-and-greets, and other specialty showcases and events – such as the Intel® Extreme Masters Tournament. A Badge will open every door that SXSW Sydney has to offer.


But regardless of whether you go Wristband or Badge, you can rest assured knowing you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime. 





Whether you're into games, music or screen,  secure your wristband this Friday to enjoy the SXSW Sydney festival of your choice.


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