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A unique drama about mob mentality and the power of social media dynamics, from Indonesia's up-and-coming Wregas Bhanuteja.

Prani, a middle-aged school teacher, loses her temper after someone cuts her in line at a famous, traditional market stall. Soon, her angry retort gets misinterpreted and becomes viral on social media. Persecuted online, her colleagues start questioning her ability to do her work. Prani and her family desperately try to set the record straight and become enmeshed in a frustrating quest for the truth.

Programmer's note: Wregas Bhanuteja follows his 2021 Citra Award-winning Photocopier with Andragogy (“the methods and practices of teaching adults”), a unique drama that further expands the director’s interest in mob mentality and Indonesian social media dynamics (see also: Gina S. Noer’s Like and Share). What differentiates this from other such stories of online bullying is Bhanuteja's light and quirky touch, bringing a heightened, stylized version of the social arena to the screen. This effect is achieved through inventive art direction and vibrant costume design, emphasizing the canary yellows and bright blues of school uniforms and scooter helmets: the grammar of an auteur in the making.
Ariel Esteban Cayer

A Q+A with director Wregas Bhanuteja will follow the screening on Wednesday 18 Oct.

This film screens as a part of the Features Competition at SXSW Sydney.

Australian Premiere


Classification Unclassified – 18+

Runtime 110 mins

Year 2023

Language Indonesian, Javanese

Director Wregas Bhanuteja

Executive Producer Andy Budiman, Dian Gemiano, Iman Usman, Tan Keng Leck, Tan Zheng Jie

Producer Adi Ekatama, Willawati, Ridla An-Nuur, Nurita Anandia

Screenwriter Wregas Bhanuteja

Cinematographer Gunnar Nimpuno

Editor Ahmad Yuniardi

Production Designer Dita Gambiro

Music Yennu Ariendra

Principal Cast Sha Ine Febriyanti, Angga Yunanda, Prilly Latuconsina, Dwi Sasono, Omara Esteghla, Ari Lesmana

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