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A young Indian/Australian couple must face up to the notion of cultural shame in this coming-out drama, set in Western Sydney and executive produced by Dev Patel.

Sahela captures the poignant journey of Vir Oza and Nitya Behl, a young married couple residing in the suburb of Parramatta in Western Sydney. Struggling beneath the weight of Indian familial expectations and its ingrained gender norms, Vir and Nitya's paths intersect at a critical breaking point, propelling Vir to disclose his true sexuality to Nitya. This revelation causes a disconnection between the couple, casting a cloud of societal disgrace over their family's deeply held cultural values. As Vir embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, Nitya grapples with the very fabric of her own reality, leading them down pathways of exploration and transformation. Albeit still emotionally tethered to each other, they unearth an alternate perspective on love.

Programmer's note: Second-generation Indians, who are caught in the balancing act between acclimating to their hyphenated identities and preserving their homeland values from the era when their parents immigrated, are the focus of this moving Indo-Australian drama directed by first-timer Raghuvir Joshi, co-written by him and Atika Chohan (writer of Agra, also at SXSW Sydney), and executive produced by Dev Patel. As a first-generation Indian who moved to America with my parents at the age of 13 and came out in my mid-20s, this film hit very close to home, reminding me, once again, of my parents’ immense sacrifices for providing me with a better life and the expectation that I had to return their favors as a form of gratitude. Most times, expectations from your loved ones lead to nothing but disappointment.
Jitin Hingorani

A Q+A with director Raghuvir Joshi will follow the screening on Saturday 21 Oct.

NSW Premiere


Classification Unclassified – 18+

Runtime 93 mins

Year 2023

Language English, Hindi

Director Raghuvir Joshi

Executive Producer Dev Patel

Producer Tayyab Madni, Radhika Lavu

Screenwriter Jett Tattersall , Atika Chohan

Cinematographer Michael Mcdermott

Editor Scott Gray

Production Designer Michael Turner

Music Piers Burbrook de Vere, Niladri Kumar

Principal Cast Antonio Aakeel, Anula Navlekar, Sheeba Chaddha, Anita Patel, Harish Patel, Vipin Sharma, Nicholas Brown, Gus Murray

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