Connecting Indigenous Musicians to World Music Networks Meet Up

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Connecting Indigenous Musicians to World Music Networks Meet Up


This is an invitation for musicians who work in or want to explore the world music networks and meet other Indigenous/First Nations musicians at SXSW Sydney.

Huia (Maori, Ngati Porou) would like to share what is happening in Aotearoa with our music industry and connect with other musicians. With these connections comes the opportunity to collaborate, fusing cultures, languages and experiences.

Music is the art of connection and indigenous have a unique voice that challenges society's ideals and consumer culture. Indigenous musicians seem to do this naturally, either by expressing in the language of their ancestors, or their lessons, and this in turn carries their messages and is often a catalyst for change and education.

The intention of this hui (meet-up) is to create a moment that we don't always have at 'B2B' music expos, so we can meet and share our music, talk about networks and make new global connections (and friends!). It will have a casual and fun light-hearted vibe but also will assist in forging new music streaming pathways and global performing opportunities.

This is also open to those who are interested in being part of a positive music-sharing experience.

Key objectives:
- This is a Meet-up for musicians, and Indigenous/First Nations who want to connect with other music makers at SXSW.
- We will also be sharing our own music with the group so get ready to 'like' and discover other musicians working on a global world music level.
- We will be creating an opt-in database so we can connect and share contacts - touring circuits, world radio, bilingual networks and festivals globally.
This will be shared with the attendees, so we can truly stay connected and make future collaborations.
- Also Land Back.


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