Smart Media Tech Presents: How we don’t f*ck up the next internet: Building a Responsible Internet

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Smart Media Tech Presents: How we don’t f*ck up the next internet: Building a Responsible Internet


The internet is one of the greatest tech innovations of our lifetime. It has changed how we live, move, love, watch, listen and do business.

This magical innovation however has come at cost. A third wave of innovation is here with advances in blockchain and mixed reality technology which puts us at an exciting crossroads of the internet itself.

In this keynote presentation, we will share how we ensure that we take the learnings of the past and ensure we build a better internet in web 3.0 exploring the challenges and considerations in developing the next generation of the internet. Through his insights and experiences, Matt aims to inspire and empower organisations to embrace these advancements and seize the opportunities they present for creating remarkable customer experiences and building lasting brand loyalty.

Presented by Matt Hunt, COO APAC, SmartMedia Technologies

Matt Hunt is a visionary leader and seasoned executive with 20 years of experience running commercial operations for some of the world's most innovative and fastest growing Ad Tech companies. Matt's professional journey has spanned continents, holding leadership positions for US based organisations across Asia Pacific and Europe.

Currently Chief Operating Officer APAC for SmartMedia Technologies, Matt is a respected figure in the world of emerging web 3.0 technologies. He is widely recognized for his expertise in harnessing the power of these cutting edge innovations to transform the way companies connect with their customers and build long-lasting, loyalty based relationships.

As an influential thought leader, Matt is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences and summits. His upcoming presentation at SXSW Sydney will focus on the transformative potential of web 3.0 technologies in revolutionizing the way we think about the next internet. His unwavering commitment to innovation and his ability to deliver results have earned him a stellar reputation as a visionary leader in the industry.

This is an open house session.

Open House sessions are open to all, however capacity is limited so guests will be seated on a first come, first serve basis. For an invite to this session contact


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