Where Are All the Men


Where Are All the Men


Join Cindy Gallop as she moderates an extraordinarily topical and mission-critical panel featuring Garry Williams Director of Engagement at Tractor Ventures, Elaine Stead, Manaing Director of Human VC, Jeremy Liddle, Founding Partner of SDGx, a climate tech. and advisory firm and Hannah Moreno, Managing Director of Third Hemisphere and sought after writer on women's issues for some of Australia's leading publications.

"Where are all the men?" is a lively and action-orientated discussion on why men are failing to speak up for women, step up for women, intervene to help women, champion women, support women, fund women, and how we can change that, in Australia, and all around the world.

Equity is a human issue that impacts all of us. One burning equity issue globally is funding women entrepreneurs; it's never been more topical with the SB54 bill being passed by the California Senate and headed for the Governor of California's signature.

Many work tirelessly to move the needle on women entrepreneur's investment statistics, but the issues in play and the panel's focus is broader than just this. We must lock arms and not put men down or alienate them as we strive for equity for women. Because who holds up the other half of the sky? Men.

Many men support equity and diversity privately, but where are all the men when there is a need to call out behavior creating a disparity in equity for women in public? Where is the deserved mass of support and encouragement from males in public forums? Women's achievements draw women's praise and often little from males in various public arenas. Is this like running a raise and waiting for a lead? Who is first money in?

The panel will unpack some of the reasons men don't feel comfortable being the public face of equity and propose ways in which they can do so and, better yet, why it's in their interests, and ALL of our best interests, to do so.


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