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aliza knox


Aliza Knox is the best selling author of Dont Quit Your Day Job and a seasoned executive who built and led APAC businesses for three of the world's top technology firms—Google, Twitter and Cloudflare. Named 2020 APAC IT Woman of The Year, Aliza spent decades as a leader in global finance, consulting and tech, experience which has evolved into her portfolio career today. As a non-executive board director, she shares her lessons learned with the next generation of business leaders tasked with guiding industries across new frontiers. She’s a senior advisor for BCG, and a regular columnist for Forbes, where she dispenses wisdom (and humor) for professionals who dream of "doing it all." Throughout her career Aliza has mentored many people - something she is passionate about. From leading Women@Google to“Super Women” at Twitter to mentoring Afghan asylum seekers and Australian elite athletes - her reach goes far. She is especially focused on women. She addressed the Singapore Institute of Directors on why gender diversity is important to boards. She was named AWA Singapore International Business Woman of the Year (2015), elected to Chief Executive Women (2016), and was featured in the book “Women on Board- Making a Real Difference” (2018).


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