Alli Sebastian Wolf

Creative Director | Deep Sea Astronauts

Alli Sebastian Wolf


Deep Sea Astronauts is a Sydney based collective of performers, artists, musicians, dancers, comedians, designers, illustrators and educators. We specialise in fun filled interactive performances for adults and children, mainly Australian native animal themed activation and engagement for events. Our shows and workshops are made to delight, excite and inspire. We are passionate about spreading joy, connection and a love of nature.

We are a scalable collective, with members coming in on different projects according to their skills and styles. This means we have a wealth of talent to work with on everything from intimate recordings to large-scale productions.

Since forming in 2009 we’ve been seen at theatres, events and festivals all across Australia; from the main stage of the Opera House to the mountainsides in the middle of the desert, from arenas of five thousand people to using a coffee table as a stage in a packed lounge room. From intimate gatherings to massive festivals, we tailor our performances to create fantastical experiences for audiences – giving them something special to remember for years to come.


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