Anaita Sarkar

Founder and Content Creator | Hero Packaging



I am the co-founder of Hero Packaging, Author of Sell Anything Online, and Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University. From our dining table in 2018, my husband and I co-founded Hero Packaging, an online sustainable packaging company. What started as a solution for my previous business, where I was using enormous amounts of plastic to ship my products, is now a global company that has sold over 20 million compostable mailers to businesses. Hero Packaging continues to grow very fast and now has over 40,000 customers. The focus for me has always been to make packaging fun again, whilst doing better for the planet. In 2020 I also wrote a digital marketing and e-comm book called Sell Anything Online. The goal of the book is to help e-commerce business owners take actionable steps every day to grow their business. To sell the book, I joined TikTok and started to create marketing videos. Within 12 months, I have grown that to 300,000 followers. From that, Sell Anything Online has become a business in itself. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business and I love to talk to business owners and help them grow.


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