Andy Ridley

Co-Founder and CEO | Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

Andy Ridley


Andy is recognised as one of the world’s most successful environmental movement creators. As co-founder and CEO of Earth Hour, he grew the campaign from an idea on the back of a beer coaster in Sydney, to the world’s largest environmental action, spanning 7,000 cities in over 164 countries, and reaching more than 2.8 billion people globally.

Andy has turned his focus to a new challenge, creating a 21st century ocean conservation organisation, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef. The program aims to aid the protection and conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and reefs all over the world, using tech, data and a new collaborative approach to conservation.

Prior to founding both Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef and Earth Hour, Andy led the rapid growth and evolution of Circle Economy in Amsterdam. He believes the circular economy provides many of the answers to some of the biggest environmental challenges that we face as the global population grows beyond nine billion, and we attempt to address our greatest generational challenge of climate change.


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