Aneeqa Ali

Founder and CEO | The Mad Hatters


Aneeqa Ali


Aneeqa is the founder of local Pakistani women-led travel company The Mad Hatters, which she launched as a way to show travellers some of Pakistan’s less-explored (and infinitely beautiful) locations.

Aneeqa has an MBA in Finance and worked in the corporate sector for 10 years, whilst also pursuing her passion for travel. During her travels, she realised that there were many gaps in the tourism industry of Pakistan, specifically from the perspective of female travellers.

In March 2017, she left her corporate job and gave in to her love for travelling by turning her passion into a career, and becoming the change that she wanted to see in the world.

Aneeqa focuses on female empowerment, engagement and connection to community on all of her tours - they visit local businesses where women make handicrafts from their homes, weave carpets and run cafes. Supporting local-owned businesses also ensures all the money that is spent on these tours goes to the people who need it.

She is also passionate about promoting sustainable tourism, with the goal to not only explore these amazing areas but also to make them better through our conservation and community development activities.


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