Bastien Treptel

Bastien Treptel


At the age of 14 Bastien Treptel was given his first computer, by the age of 16, the police came knocking. Bastien had used his hacking skills to get into one of the big four banks and access credit cards. It was his love of pizza that led to the police tracking him down and ultimately reforming his ways.

Years later, Bastien founded CTRL Group to combat cybercrime and in November 2021 sold the company for millions.

Bastien now uses his time to spread the word on how dangerous and creative cyber criminals are and how you can protect your business and personal life.

Bastien is the co-founder of CTRL Group - Australia’s progressive information security firm, protecting businesses from cyber risk. CTRL Group offers best-in-class security solutions ranging from audits, hacking, monitoring, advisory and education.

Bastien is dedicated to inspiring everyone to appreciate security as it becomes an essential part of our lives as we move into a hyper-digitized world.

Bastien is also the host of the CyberHacker podcast series which has over 100,000 subscribers and is currently in production for season 2.


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