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Ben Crowe


Ben Crowe is Australia’s most in-demand professional mentor and leadership coach, working with Athletes, Coaches, Teams and Executive Teams all over the world. His work involves helping people with their mindset in a performance sense, with their perspective in a personal sense, to find a balance between Confidence & Happiness, and Achievement with Fulfilment.

As NIKE’s former International Director of Sports Marketing, Ben worked exclusively with NIKE athletes. Since returning to Australia, Ben has achieved phenomenal results in sport, working closely with World No 1 and 3 x grand slam champion Ash Barty, 8 x World Surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore, the Australian Cricket team (currently world no 1), City Football Group and Richmond FC (3 x national champions in the Australian Football League).

Since Covid, Ben’s work has expanded internationally working with business leaders and organisations worldwide including Meta, Microsoft, Atlassian, World Health Organisation, and financial institutions across banking, private equity and venture capital.

He has also launched a Mindset App and course to scale his work, signing almost 20,000 subscribers since 2021. The Mojo app focuses on developing confidence in ourselves, in our connection to others, and in our performances.


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