Ben Gillies



Ben Gillies


For every Roger Daltry in a superstar band, there’s a John Bonham or Keith Moon - the irreverent, eccentric and often outrageous character that brings a human element to an otherwise untouchable music machine.

In the legendary Australian band Silverchair - the most awarded musical act in Australian history and one of the most beloved - Ben Gillies was fundamental in developing the band's distinctive sound over the space of almost 20 years. The solid and innovative beat and groove behind hits such as 'Straight Lines' is unmistakably his - his signature evident on every track - and he brought his melodic sensibilities as co-writer of some of the band's biggest hits, including 'tomorrow'.

Gillies started learning to play drums at the age of eight and joined a band shortly after that. He discovered a love of performing and was still in primary school in the New South Wales city of Newcastle when he formed a band with a friend which would undergo several name changes, add a member and take on a different musical direction before it became Silverchair. Silverchair released five albums, which all reached #1 on the Australian charts, and won 21 ARIA awards.

In the years after the release of Silverchair’s most recent album, Young Modern, Gillies has worked on several musical projects, and over the past year or so has been releasing singles as a solo artist. Working with producers Jordan Power and Konstantin Kersting, Gillies has created infectious, memorable hook-laden songs that are influenced by the 1970s musical vibe that Gillies says is in his bones, yet completely contemporary.


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