Benjamin Carr

Founder | Lug+Carrie

Benjamin Carr


I have 15+ years experience in the transport industry and am a Co-Founder of Lug+Carrie and Wombi - Electric Bike Subscriptions.

I started the first 10 years of career in Berlin, providing design and consultancy services across Europe, North America and China. Predominantly in the Public Transport Industry and then road the digitalisation of transport, which lead me to working on and for some of the first dynamic and shared transport businesses.

Lug+Carrie and Wombi are the result of taking the best parts and my experience working on Public and Shared Transport, and putting the two together; reliable, long-lasting, good for the planet and accessible transport.

Mobility Expert with 15 years of experience in the mobility sector
Ex-Head of Production and Vehicle Design for Europe's fastest growing Micro-mobility Provider, CIRC (now Bird)
Has designed 15+ metro and light rail vehicles which are currently in service
Co-founder White Octopus GmbH, Berlin
B.A. Product Design, Swinburne University and Weissiesee Kunsthochshule Berlin


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