Bilquis Ghani

Lecturer in Arts | University of Canberra

Bilquis Ghani


Dr. Bilquis Ghani is a Lecturer in Arts at the University of Canberra, and previously served as the Head of Inclusion at the Sydney Opera House, actively driving the House's Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategy.

Bilquis leads the Hunar collective, an arts and academia collective that operates at the intersection of theory and practice. Through Hunar, she creates opportunities for discourse between theorists and practitioners. Her research focuses on mobilising the creative process through moments of social and cultural rupture. In her work, she actively adopts a decolonial approach to make sense of arts movements in conflict spaces, with a specific focus on Kabul. She is particularly interested in art's potential for public pedagogy.

She is a founding member of the Refugee Art Project, which actively aims to support and showcase the talents of those with refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds in Australia.

Bilquis is a self-professed sci-fi geek.


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