Carl Jones

Managing Partner | WNT Ventures

Carl Jones


Carl Jones is the founding Managing Partner of WNT Ventures - a New Zealand based deep tech Venture Capital specialist - having established the company in 2014. Prior to that, Carl spent the last ~25 years in the investment industry – beginning in the more “hands-off” world of share broking, investment and funds management in New Zealand and London, before into towards the more hands-on world of venture capital in 2010.

Carl enjoys being close to the action of building companies and finds satisfaction in helping passionate, talented entrepreneurs find their way; “I enjoy seeing people, teams and companies, develop and thrive and having a small part of that is endlessly satisfying.”

Carl is one of the more experienced VC’s in New Zealand having been involved in raising and deploying three previous funds and is now raising Fund 4 - a $35 - $50m fund to build another cohort of world changing, deep tech companies. Carl is also a member of the inaugural New Zealand Start-up Council.


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