Charlton Hill

Head of Music and Innovation | Uncanny Valley

Charlton Hill


Charlton Hill has decades of experience in the music, television, advertising and technology industries in an array of creative roles including major recording artist, published songwriter and actor to innovative strategist and music technology entrepreneur.

Co-founding music and technology company Uncanny Valley (UV) in 2010 with music producer/sonic technologist Justin Shave, Charlton has strived to bring authenticity and collaborative craft to projects that continually help to define the rapidly changing music industry. Working with artists, publishers, record labels, TV networks and brands, Charlton has prolifically provided a catalyst to fuse traditional storytelling with progressive music technologies.

In 2020, UV won the Eurovision inspired, global AI Song Contest with a multidisciplinary team of composers, musicians and academics from UNSW and RMIT. The win not only received global recognition in the AI field but secured UV as leaders in the conversation of augmented creativity in music.

Uncanny Valley has gone on to develop a pioneering generative music engine called MEMU - its application is far reaching and includes the real-time reimagination of a music artist’s body of work to architectural sonification and clinical trials in the health and well-being space.


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