Charlton Hill

Head of Music & Innovation/Co-Founder | Uncanny Valley

Charlton Hill


I have over 30 years experience in the music, television, advertising and technology industries in an array of creative roles including major recording artist, published songwriter and actor to innovative strategist and music technology entrepreneur.

In 2010, with a foot firmly planted in both art and commerce, I partnered with international music producer and sonic technologist Justin Shave to establish Uncanny Valley - a high end, music and technology company that has since risen to prominence around the world.

We have harnessed our expertise to deliver on a prolific array of projects, consulting to artists and labels, major brands, agencies and broadcast networks, assisting them to deliver their unique sound and tell stories in progressive ways.

In 2021, Uncanny Valley won the Eurovision inspired, global AI Song Contest with academics partners from UNSW and RMIT universities highlighting our great interest and achievements in the field of AI generative music. The team has since gone on to collaborate on a number of IA and machine learning projects including most recently a generative music installation at the new School of Cybernetics at the ANU.


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