Daniel Yaffe

COO and co-founder | AnyRoad


Ten years ago, Daniel Yaffe and his brother Jonathan co-founded AnyRoad, the leading platform for data-driven experiential marketing. As the COO of AnyRoad, Daniel works closely with companies like Budweiser, Diageo, Michaels, Ben & Jerry's, and The North Face to prove the impact of their experiential marketing efforts - streamlining and scaling their programs with a flexible, configurable platform and powerful insights needed to accelerate business growth.

Daniel comes to experiential marketing with a diverse background in entrepreneurial endeavors including brand building and innovative marketing. Prior to AnyRoad Daniel was the cofounder and Producer at Open Content Media which designed, produced, and distributed creative video content for some of the world’s most iconic brands. He is the founder of Drink Me Magazine and grew the publication to a readership of 400,000 before its acquisition in 2012. The magazine’s success spiraled into a book deal - and Daniel wrote Drink More Whiskey which has been published by Chronicle Books across the globe.


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