Denise Sharp

Director Sync | Concord Music Publishing

Denise Sharp


Denise Sharp knows outstanding music is within reach of all screen creatives irrespective of budget and the trickiest of briefs & scenarios.

As Director of Sync at Concord Music Publishing, she matches music to pictures, collaborating with Australian screen professionals to connect their unique creative vision to a reliable source of winning tracks and commercial musical talent, represented by the global Concord powerhouse.

The ability to identify, source & supply fitting music for all manner of production requirements is backed by her history of specialised music licensing experience in senior roles at leading major and independent music publishers where she has been responsible for facilitating successful & unique music opportunities for a multitude of leading content creators, covering a sizeable scope of Australian filmmaking heritage. Music placements have included material from artists across all genre, era & profile and given some key local & international songwriters opportunity to mesh their stories with those of our domestic film community.

At the Concord office in Sydney Denise operates within a reactive creative global Sync team.


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