Dr. Susanne Etti

Global Environmental Impact Manager | Intrepid Travel


Dr. Susanne Etti


Dr. Susanne Etti is Intrepid Travel’s Global Environmental Impact Manager and one of the travel and tourism industry’s only climate scientists. With more than 15 years of experience in sustainability, she’s a passionate advocate for science-based approaches to fighting climate change and improving sustainability, goals which do not need to be in conflict with travelling the world.

In January 2020, she led Intrepid Travel to declare a Climate Emergency, underpinned by a seven-step plan to decarbonise its business in line with the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5 degree future - this also made Intrepid Travel the first tour operator in the world with verified science-based targets to tackle climate change.

Finding opportunities where women’s empowerment intersects with climate is a key pillar of Dr Etti’s decarbonisation plan. She believes there has never been a more imperative time to support, educate and empower women to fight the catastrophic unfolding of climate change.

She believes investing in women and girls creates a ripple effect that yields multiple benefits for women, their families, communities, and countries.


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