Elaine Stead

Venture Capitalist | Human VC

Elaine Stead


Elaine Stead is a scientist, turned entrepreneur, turned venture capitalist with an investment track record that extends to over 100 startups across Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and South East Asia. She has also invested in many of the best.

Across over two decades in the innovation sector, Elaine has been a serial entrepreneur, founding or cofounding medtech company Reproductive Health Science, Blue Sky VC Human VC and Tribe Global VC. She is one of the longest serving active venture capitalists in Australia, having been involved in the investment and management of over half a Billion dollars. The investments she has backed include ‘Unicorns’ Go1 and Pet Circle, and many, many others.

Elaine has advised several state governments on innovation policy and has extensive experience as a director of public and private companies across both Australia and the US. Elaine has also coached startup founders in startup programs across Australia, the UK and the US and is a strong industry advocate for diversity in STEM and in Venture Capital. Elaine is also a writer and podcaster (Transparent VC) on topics such as venture capital, startups and diversity, and a regular contributor to publications such as Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Agenda, Capital Brief, and SmartCompany.


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