Faye Lawrence

Founder | Untoxicated


Having been a heavy but high functioning drinker since her teens, Faye wound up in inpatient detox in 2017 after belatedly realising the party wasn’t fun anymore. Determined not to let her sobriety ruin her social life she founded Untoxicated, now Australia’s largest alcohol-free social community.
She is a TEDx speaker, co-author and has featured widely across media with a mission to normalise living with less or no alcohol in a culture that reveres it. Her lifelong fascination with human behaviour led to study in psychology, coaching and counselling, and she now works with entrepreneurs, executives and creatives who want to shift their drinking habits.
She’s also on the Board of Smart Recovery and is an experienced marketing, communications, and engagement professional working predominantly with not-for-profits. In her spare time, she loves nothing more than talking to strangers, frequenting sober dance parties, and forcing affection on her emotionally unavailable Bengal cat.


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