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Games Paradise is a long running Sydney games store, with retail locations in Pitt Street Sydney and the Waringah Mall in Brookvale as well as an online store. While all three locations have served different groups of the community, under more recent management they are trying to align their available products across all stores to try and offer everyone the best that they can. The Pitt street store is especially known for having a very wide selection of tabletop roleplaying games, with new products and indie games arriving all the time. We also take special orders even for hard to find products that we will try to source if we can find them from either local or international distributors. TTRPGS, Strategy games, Party games, Retro and Family games as well as dice and puzzles. Our front line staff also do their best to try and learn what they can about the various products available so they can help you find the best thing for you entertainment


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