George Peppou

CEO & Founder | Vow

George Peppou


George is the CEO and Founder of Vow. Vow uses cultured meat technology to invent new meats, all by growing the cells of animals rather than the animals themselves. For diners, this means tastier and more nutritious meat. For our environmental future, this means a smaller land footprint and a fraction of the greenhouse gases produced by factory farming.

Since establishing Vow, George and co-founder, Tim Noakesmith, were recognised for their revolutionary work on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” 2020 list. Prior to founding Vow in 2019, George founded GrowLab in 2017, an Australian accelerator for agrifood tech startups. Before this, he worked as an inventor for a company called Intellectual Ventures. He is an inventor of 30+ inventions across food, materials, and medical industries.

George is also a qualified chef, received whilst in college at The University of Sydney. He saw how commercial cooking and chemistry linked together and pursued a degree in biochemistry and immunobiology.


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