Glenn Pringle

General Manager, Strategy & Growth | IPC Health

Glenn Pringle


Glenn is the General Manager of Strategy & Growth at IPC Health, a leading community health service in Melbourne's western suburbs. Working in senior leadership roles in healthcare since 2005, his purpose is to lead collaboratively at both organizational and systemic levels to create significant positive impacts on people's lives. His focus areas include an integrated social and commercial determinants of health response, addressing systemic inequities, and driving transformative change.

Glenn is a strong advocate for genuine consumer co-production, emphasizing consumer experience, co-design, and continuous consumer partnership in planning and governance. Currently, he leads the implementation of a co-designed model of care for the Brimbank Melton Child Health & Wellbeing Local, one of three pilot services established following recommendations from the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health. Glenn also oversees the co-design and implementation of IPC Health's transition to a new biopsychosocial, interdisciplinary service model, along with an ongoing portfolio of strategic service innovations.


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