Justin Hemmes

CEO | Merivale

Justin Hemmes


Justin Hemmes, is the visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Merivale, whose creativity and knack for pushing boundaries has left an indelible mark on Sydney.

Under his leadership, Merivale has become synonymous with both innovation and excellence in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Hemmes has revitalised iconic Sydney venues, breathing new life into historic spaces and turning them into world-class destinations. He's created stages that have elevated local artists and welcomed international icons. His commitment to preserving the city's architectural heritage while injecting modern flair has made Sydney a global hotspot for culinary and cultural experiences.

Hemmes' creative thinking has not only reshaped the Sydney hospitality scene but has made a lasting impact on the city's cultural and social fabric, making it a dynamic and welcoming metropolis for locals and visitors alike.

Justin’s impact goes beyond the city limits. In Narooma NSW, a town with a personal connection to the Hemmes family, Merivale has invested in five diverse offerings, supporting the local community and bringing to life Hemmes vision to deliver unique and memorable experiences to every patron in each venue. This same ethos is conveyed to developments in the beautiful Northern Rivers region where Merivale has several projects in development.


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