Justin Shave

Head Composer/Sonic Technologist | Uncanny Valley

Justin Shave


I am an Australian music producer and sonic technologist who works simultaneously across the TV, record and advertising industries. With a string of platinum records, I have helped artists and brands around the world find their sound and sonic identity. In recent years I have produced tracks for TQX and Sia, Darren Hayes [Savage Garden] and the Potbelleez.

I have performed around the world from Wembley to Moscow, consulted for music tech companies like Native Instruments [Berlin], Fairlight Instruments [Australia] and developed my own software synthesizers.

In 2010 I partnered with music, tech and commerce specialist Charlton Hill, to establish Uncanny Valley - a high end, music and sonic branding company that has quickly risen to prominence in both Australia and Asia.

We now harness our expertise and consult to major brands, agencies and broadcast networks, assisting them to deliver their unique sound and tone to the marketplace.
We are heavily focussed on technology aided solutions and sonic data acquisition, driving innovative solutions in the emotive, music and sound landscape. Most recently we collaborated with academics to create a generative music installation at the new School of Cybernetics, ANU.


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