Karima Ben Abdelmalek

CEO and President | Happn

Karima Ben Abdelmalek


Karima Ben Abdelmalek is the CEO and President of happn, boasting over fifteen years of experience in guiding major corporations through
their digital transformations. Her prowess in digital and technology law has not only facilitated these transitions but also amplified their
international business outreach. Joining happn in 2017, Karima initially embraced the roles of General Secretary and Legal Director. She championed initiatives focusing on the privacy and security of user data—a subject she deeply resonates with. In fact, her personal commitment to digital privacy spans over 16 years, evident in her dedicated involvement with the Association for the Development of Legal Information Technology. Today, she presides as its esteemed President. In 2021, her ascendancy to the helm of happn came with a renewed vision: to reshape the dating experience, making it more genuine and heartfelt. Under her stewardship, the company has grown to a strong
team of over 100 dedicated professionals, all united in the mission to offer singles a safe and fulfilling space to forge new relationships.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Karima is a trailblazer in advocating for gender equity. As a founding member of the Women In Dating movement, she fervently works towards sculpting the future leadership landscape of the dating industry—ensuring it is inclusive, and women are adequately represented and celebrated.


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