Kate Armstrong Smith

CEO/Co-Founder | Othelia


Kate Armstrong-Smith is a narrative designer, creative producer and team leader focusing on future formats. She is the Co-Founder & CEO of Othelia, whose vision is to create digital writing tools that storytellers and creatives love to use. Othelia’s mission is to build a place where the story lives and creatives are at the helm of new technologies. As Co-founder of a development production company, The Working Group, Kate advised traditional distributors and production companies on complex story world design and working with new media and gaming companies on interactive narrative. As a business development manager specialising in dynamic content development and media asset management for festivals, TV, AR/VR film and Live Events, Kate's hands-on experience and production credits span over 15 years, including ABC, Sydney Festival, TEDxSydney, Belvoir Theatre and Amazon Studios. Her time as a designer on award-winning audience development schemes and her Churchill Fellowship (connecting new formats to new audiences) has also fuelled her passion for connecting storytellers with the unique needs of young audiences and how their tastes are changing content production.


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