Kathryn de Ridder

Senior Portfolio Investment Manager | Bridgewest Ventures


Kate de Ridder is Bridgewest Ventures’ Portfolio Investment Manager responsible for pipeline review and investment proposals, shared operational management of incubated ventures and building on the incubator’s brand and capabilities.

Kate holds an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree of Science in Aerospace Vehicle Design. Prior to entering the world of Venture Capital four years ago, she spent 17 years serving as an Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, where she had a wide-ranging career holding various leadership roles. Her service included leading large teams of highly-skilled aircraft engineers in various global locations, as well as time as the product owner of the NZDF’s airborne mission system for surveillance and reconnaissance, responsible for modifying the platform for each theatre and to the changing needs of multiple global stakeholders.

Known for her resilience under pressure, Kate prides herself on supporting high-functioning founders and building effective teams. Her key passion is to take science out of the labs and into global markets to create a profoundly positive social, environmental, or economic impact.


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