Keeva Stratton

Keeva Stratton


These days, Keeva is highly regarded as a global strategist and Principal Consultant, who uses her 20+ years as a specialist in branding, culture, and strategy to help complex organisations and not-for-profits solve critical challenges with their identity, culture, growth strategies, innovation and future thinking.

But, it's fair to say her career has been a wild ride. She’s been admitted as a lawyer and holds a Master of Criminology, was the Creative Director for a national media company, spent more than a decade as a film critic where she interviewed many of Hollywood’s leading stars, and has built a loyal clientele having led her own successful brand agency.

Fundamental to her work is her commitment to gender equality and raising the bar (and her voice) on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Keeva is also a prolific keynote speaker and MC, where she brings her acerbic wit and intellect to the stage, building great rapport with her audience, as she deftly tackles a breadth of topics from popular culture to macro trends and critical thinking.


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