Lachlan Cameron

Chief Executive Officer | Cannim Group & Partner Coral Cove Wellness

Lachlan Cameron


Following several years in the welfare, large pharma and medical device sectors, Lachlan has a passion for doing his part in making the world a better place.

Having had several of his businesses feature in the BRW Fast 100, he’s now leading Cannim Group, a global cannabis company with team members in Jamaica, Canada, USA, Germany, the UK and Australia and is deeply involved in the world of medical cannabis and psychedelic medicine.

Lachlan is also a partner in Coral Cove, a Jamaican-based cannabis and psychedelic wellness centre, catering for PTSD, depression, anxiety and other medical conditions.
Lachlan has seen first-hand what this medicine can do. He’s excited to help drive future research and understand how both medical cannabis and psychedelics can help humanity.
Outside of the world of business, he lives in Sydney with his wife and 2 daughters and aims (not always successfully!) to regularly make time to enjoy the surf and snow


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