Layne Beachley AO

Champion of Mental wellness and 7x World Surfing Champion | Awake Academy


Layne Beachley AO


What does it take to become a world champion, not just once but seven times? Please join us to meet one of Australia’s most successful athletes and the only surfer in history, male or female, to win six world titles in a row plus another in 2006. Beyond the titles, iconic smile, beach lifestyle, celebrity status, and rockstar husband, Layne’s story is actually one of overcoming significant obstacles in and out of the water from her earliest years. She has also battled severe physical injury and mental illness throughout her life. Layne openly acknowledges that five of her world titles were won in a state of fear: only two from a state of love. Since retiring Layne has channelled her intensity of a ‘tiger shark’ to continue fighting for gender equality, to protect the oceans and all that lives in them, to mentor others to be the best they can be and to educate humanity to develop its mental well-being via her Awake Academy. Layne’s no bullsh*t approach to life and leadership is refreshingly real, straight to the point, moving, funny and highly applicable to leaders in all walks of life.


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