Lin Tam

Director / Producer | Immix Studios PTY LTD


Lin Tam is a distinguished multi-award winning Director, Producer, and Writer renowned for her contributions to the fields of animation and technology. Lin's career is highlighted by her outstanding work in the animation short film "Friendship," a captivating story that has garnered more than 25 selections at prestigious national and international film festivals worldwide.

Lin's expertise extends beyond the realm of animation, she possesses a unique blend of creativity and technical acumen, seamlessly navigating the intricacies of product innovation and content development. Her portfolio spans a diverse range of projects, encompassing animation, AR/VR ventures, mobile gaming endeavors, short form interactive content, and cutting-edge consumer and enterprise platforms.

She thrives on pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling. With Immix's recent launch of the Immix Labs division, Lin continues to blend the fusion of AI, Web3, and real time animation, thereby reshaping the landscape of the entertainment and technology industries. Drawing from her extensive startup background, she possesses the invaluable knack for product resourcefulness, while her creative roots shape the importance of storytelling in captivating audiences.

Lin's contributions to the entertainment industry are further highlighted by her membership in organizations such as the Producers Guild of America and Screen Producers Australia. Through these affiliations, Lin has orchestrated, produced, and directed an array of award-winning animation ventures.
Her engagement in forefront AR/VR projects emphasizes the dedication to interactive storytelling, crafting enthralling experiences that deeply connect with audiences. Lin's participation in groundbreaking initiatives such as Village Roadshow’s Xperience Program and ACMI X further cements her status as a pioneer, adeptly harnessing emerging technologies to revolutionize the animation and entertainment industry.


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