Liza Boston

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Liza Boston


A serial digital disrupter and technology entrepreneur, Liza has a showcased ability to inspire next level creative thinking to re-shape the new world order in a disrupted marketplace. Liza has designed, founded, led and scaled high-tech, hi-growth digital companies in Australia, UK, USA and China. With the convergence of digital media and emergence of big data, Liza’s groundbreaking work often requires co-creation and collaboration with a suite of next level thinkers and creators, including venture capitalists, software engineers, poets, podcasters, publishers, illustrators, composers, live music performers, directors, producers, gamers, photographers – to name but a few. Sometimes Prime Ministers and Priests. Liza has a reputation as a leading thinker in global digital markets. The art of ‘story’ is a central tenant to Liza’s success, from formulating digital products and key creative concepts, to closing venture capital rounds to create the future we have imagined. Achieving the world-first design, development and global launch of a revolutionary live music platform (Soundhalo), broadcasting live to 196 countries in real time, from patent beta concept, to closing multiple VC funding rounds and spearheading a disruptive global operation to the delight of shareholders, fans, top 50 artists, labels, telco giants and consumer brand partners.


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