Louisa Bremner

Virtual Production Supervisor | NantStudios

Louisa Bremner


Dr. Louisa Bremner stands at the intersection of cutting-edge virtual production and cinematic storytelling. With a distinguished portfolio that boasts titles such as House of the Dragon, Matrix 4, Death on the Nile, and Disney's Pinocchio, Dr. Bremner is recognized for her expertise across the expansive gamut of virtual production techniques. This ranges from virtual scouting and facial performance capture to mixed reality (simulcam) and the intricate nuances of in-camera VFX LED workflows.
In recent years, she has not only supervised but also transformed some of the most prominent Virtual Production stages in Europe and beyond. Yet, at the heart of her technological proficiency lies a passion to collaborate. She actively engages with directors and DOPs, ensuring that virtual production technologies are wielded innovatively, enhancing cinematic experiences and streamlining creative workflows. A staunch advocate for education and integration, Dr. Bremner champions the assimilation of Virtual Production across the board: whether it is students coming into the industry, indie film developers who are looking for cost effective solutions or veterans in high end film and TV who are looking to use cutting edge technology.
Her foundation in the realm of film and TV production fused seamlessly with her exploration of real-time technology, a journey that began over a decade ago with the Unreal Engine. Initially diving into the world of video games and XR experiences, she soon expanded her horizon. Armed with a PhD that delves into crafting accessible augmented reality tools for societal benefits, she's witnessed—and played a pivotal role in—the fusion of traditional cinematic arts with modern technology, an evolution now celebrated as virtual production.


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