Lucy Acheson

Director of Customer and Loyalty Strategy | Merkle

Lucy Acheson


Lucy has worked for over twenty years with enterprise level brands both in Australia and in the UK creating award winning data and customer experience strategies.

Medibank, Citi Bank, Macca’s, Officeworks, VW, TAB, Dan Murphy's and CBA are a handful of the brands she has brought her skills to bear on since arriving in Australia. Her passion and skill sets are eclectic, loving nothing more than when she is able to help clients specify and develop growth enabling corporate data assets, interrogating that data to create business driving insights and then developing, measuring and evaluating personalised & connected CX ecosystems. In essence operating very effectively at the nexus of data, tech and communications. She likens her team as the glue between IT and marketing, speaking both languages fluently, and is reliably effective at breaking down company silos to achieve positive tech and strategy outcomes.

Lucy leads the Customer & Loyalty Strategy team at Merkle, whilst working closely and managing all analytics projects with the Data Science and technology offerings.


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